Painting of Gurkha sepoys (soldiers) c.1815 by HEIC artist Ghulam Khan

Painting of Gurkha sepoys (soldiers) c.1815 by HEIC artist Ghulam Khan
©Gurkha Museum

The Sirmoor Battalion (later to become 2nd King Edward VII's Own Gurkha Rifles) was the first Gurkha regiment to be formed by the British East India Company. Sirmoor Battalion took part in the 3rd Maratha War in between 1817-1818. The British eventually triumphed, and the once mighty Maratha Empire was absorbed into 'British India', leaving Britain in control of virtually all of present-day India.

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  • Gyanendra Banks  |  'Ayo Gurkha!'
    Considering the present times when Nepal and Nepalese are both drawn into a whirlpool of guilt due to governmental instability and economic down turn. These certainly are the result of burgeoning population, lack of infrastructure, and the terrain which actualy fails to give in terms of resources as much to this needy nation.The impact of all this has been on the morale of the people in this nation which is fast deteriorating and as for the identity one ay want to seek as a Nepali,well i would say here in this site is something one may look forward to as a reminder to who we were and what great feat we are capable of.
  • admin  |  'Re: 'Ayo Gurkha!''
    Many thanks for your kind comment Gyanendra Ji. As you say it's very important that Nepalis don't allow their history to be forgotten and that they celebrate their achievements and long-standing ties with other countries. Dhanyabad.
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