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Bhimsen Thapa served as Nepal's first Prime Minister for 31 years, under 6 different Nepali kings. Having befriended Crown Prince Rana Bahadur Shah at an early age, Thapa served as his personal secretary in India when he became king, before then being appointed Prime Minister. Bhimsen Thapa campaigned for South Asian countries to unite in opposition to the increasingly powerful and aggressive British East India Company, but he was unable to garner much support from other countries. This lack of unity directly affected the outcome of the Anglo-Gorkha war of 1814-16 which can be regarded as the starting point of the history of the British Gurkhas. Thapa is regarded as a national hero in Nepal: as a wise and fair leader who introduced a number of impoprtant social and military reforms.

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Comments (22)
  • sandeep sharma
    how the bhimsen thapa died??????
  • admin  |  'Bhimsen Thapa's life'
    Sandeep Ji, please see Wikipedia's Bhimsen Thapa entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bhimsen_Thapa#Retirement_and_Death where it suggests that Bhimsen Thapa was forced into retirement by the Pandeys and the Basnets and then later forced to kill himself.
  • Depace Thapa
    Dear sir/madam, I just want to know that was he magar Thapa or chhetri Thapa? Could you please give me this information?? Kind regards Depace Thapa
  • admin  |  'Bhimsen Thapa - Chhetri or Magar?'
    Depace Ji, there is disagreement among historians about whether Bhimsen Thapa was a Magar or Chhetri Thapa - with credible arguments on both sides. I believe (although I am happy to be corrected) he was a Chhetri Magar as it is well-known that "his bratabandha ceremony was held together with the then Crown Prince Rana Bahadur Shah with whom he developed a friendship" (see this site http://bit.ly/bhimsen). My understanding is that the bratabandha is practiced by Chhetris and not Magars, hence the conclusion that he was a Chhetri. Incidentally, if you look at any of his portraits (just Google his name), he certainly *looks* more Chhetri than Magar - but, of course, this proves nothing. I hope this helps you decide for yourself. Dhanyabad.
  • Bikram Thapa  |  'Bhimsen Thapa was Magar'
    Hi, Bhimsen Thapa was uncle of Kaji Amar Singh Thapa, both Magars. You simply ignore the simple fact that even shah kings claimed themselves to be Magars. So just having bratabandha ceremony is no strong logic. If u have enough money to pay for the ceremony you can have it. Simple logic. The very concept of being chhetri is a recent phenomena.Only after 1845 did this practice of using thapa chettri and thapa magar started, when the rana rulers made large scale changes in the caste system of nepal. Bikram...
  • Bikram  |  'Small mistake'
    Sorry, Bhimsen Thapa was uncle of General Bal Bhadra Singh Thapa and not Kaji Amar Singh Thapa. Bikram...
  • admin  |  'Thank you'
    Bikram Ji, many thanks for the information. We do not claim to be experts in Nepali history and so welcome all additional contributions. Regarding Bhimsen Thapa's genealogy, we have only reported what we understand to be the consensus of opinion and we are of course happy to be corrected. Dhanyabad, AG admin
  • omp kharel
    give me information about the date of birth and death of Bhimsen thapa.
  • admin  |  'Bhimsen Thapa Wikipedia entry'
    Namaste omp kharel ~ a good place to start is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bhimsen_Thapa and http://www.country-data.com/cgi-bin/query/r-9046.html Best wishes, the AG team
  • Anonymous
    we have been told by our teachers that,the head of brave thaa is still in london museuam is that true ,if so cau u post the picture here or the link
  • innocentkrishna  |  'about bhimsen thsps'
    can u give us something more information about him so that we can learn more about him
  • Ramesh  |  'Dear sir'
    Where is Bhimsen Thapa born?
  • Saurav khadka  |  'Is His Head In London Musium'
    Is Bhimsen Thapas Head In London Musium ! !
  • Saurav khadka
    Is Bhimsen Thapas Head in London Musium ! !
  • Sagar Rana  |  'Dear Saurav Khadka and Ramesh'
    Bhimsen Thapa was Born at Gorkha District. No, That is false 'Bhimsen Thapa's head is not in London museum. Someone give you wrong information :)
  • bimal  |  ' bhimsen thapa'
    Bhimsen thapa as my study seems more likely to be chhetri thapa(bagaley)cast as I have seen in the bagaley thapa gotrawoli.he was the son of major Amar sing thapa but not to be confused with sardar Amber sing thapa.Any way they are the heroes of all nepali and we are ttheir decendent.
  • Anonymous
    arey yr jabaw bhimsen thapako bratabandh vayo vanepaxi bhimsen thapa thapa chhetri ho kna ki magar haruma bahun ko maa gayeraw bratabandh gareraw janai lagaune chalan xainaw
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  • abhishek  |  'facts about nepal'
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  • bhushan  |  'bhimsen is son of sardar amar singh Thapa not majo'
    bimal ji.. bhimsen thapa was son of sardar sanu amar singh thapa not the son of famous hero major amar thapa. so if sardar sanu singh thapa is claimed by king that he is magar then bhimsen thapa too ll be magar.....
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