Image of 10th Century Garuda sculpture from Nepal

Image of 10th Century Garuda sculpture from Nepal
©Ashmolean Museum

Towards the end of the 8th Century the Licchavi era came to an end and was succeeded by the Thakuri dynasty. The period that followed was one of instability and invasion and is sometimes referred to as the 'Dark Ages' of Nepal. However Kathmandu's strategic location meant that the small kingdom's continued survival was assured.

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  • Deepesh Malla  |  'Qurisioty'
    Its good to know this thing, but dont you think it is needed to be elaborated and need to reach to all people through different media. Coz many people know the history of SHAH dynasty & malla only. So you need to think it............
  • unknown  |  ' '
    Thakuri Dynasty data was destroyed by Prithivi Narayan Shah. He never wanted people to know about that era and it is best for people coz past is past and future is what we need to focus.
  • Anjanbam malla thakuri
    Past History should be highlited to everyone and its our desire to know about our great warrior kings & also feels good to know about the ancestor's past story.
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