Gurkhas of the Gurkha Demonstration Company at Sandhurst 1972

Gurkhas of the Gurkha Demonstration Company at Sandhurst 1972
c/o Major M.P. Rai

In the early 1970s Gurkhas were stationed in the UK for the first time. Their main base at the time was Church Crookham in Hampshire. The British Army also looked for other opportunties for Gurkhas in the UK and in 1972 the Gurkha Demonstration Company (Sittang) was established at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in Camberley, Surrey, to support the officer training taking place there and to act as an opposing force for soldiers undergoing training. Shortly afterwards, Gurkha Demonstration Company (Mandalay) - now Gurkha Company (Mandalay) - was established as part of the the School of Infantry Wales in Brecon in a similar role for training Non-Commissioned Officers. Years later Gurkha families would come to live in both areas and communities of ex-Gurkhas have become well-established in Surrey and Wales.

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