The Victoria Cross (VC) is the British military's highest decoration and is awarded to members of the armed forces for exceptional valour ‘in the face of the enemy’.

The VC was introduced by Queen Victoria in 1856 but it was only in 1911, when King George V visited India, that Gurkhas became eligible for the award. Since then 26 VCs have been awarded to soldiers of the Brigade of Gurkhas, 13 to British Officers and 13 to Gurkha soldiers.

Click on the VCs marked with purple ribbons to read more about them.

  • Rifleman Kulbir Thapa VC
    Rifleman Kulbir Thapa
    Third Gurkha Rifles, 1915.
  • Rifleman Karanabahadur Rana VC
    Rifleman Karanabahadur Rana
    Third Gurkha Rifles, 1918.
  • Rifleman Lalbahadur Thapa VC
    Subedar Lalbahadur Thapa
    Second Gurkha Rifles, 1943.
  • Havildar Gaje Ghale VC
    Havildar Gaje Ghale
    Fifth Royal Gurkha Rifles, 1943.
  • Rifleman Ganju Lama VC
    Rifleman Ganju Lama
    Seventh Gurkha Rifles, 1944
  • Click to read about Tulbahadur Pun VC
    Lt (Hon) Tul Bahadur Pun
    Sixth Gurkha Rifles, 1944
  • Subedar Netrabahadur Thapa VC
    Subedar Netrabahadur Thapa
    Fifth Royal Gurkha Rifles, 1944.
  • Naik Agansing Rai VC
    Naik Agansing Rai
    Fifth Royal Gurkha Rifles, 1944.
  • Rifleman Thaman Gurung VC
    Rifleman Thaman Gurung
    Fifth Royal Gurkha Rifles, 1944.
  • Rifleman Bhanbhagta Gurung VC
    Rifleman Bhanbhagta Gurung
    Second Gurkha Rifles, 1944.
  • Click to read about Lacchiman Gurung VC
    Rifleman Lachhiman Gurung
    Eighth Gurkha Rifles, 1944.
  • Lance Corporal Rambahadur Limbu VC
    Lance Cpl Rambahadur Limbu
    Tenth Gurkha Rifles, 1965.
  • Sorry, no image available.
    Rifleman Sher Bahadur Thapa
    Ninth Gurkha Rifles, 1944.

All Gurkha VCs images ©Gurkha Museum Winchester.
Read little-known facts about Gurkha VCs on the Gurkha Welfare Trust's site.

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Comments (34)
  • Milan Bohora  |  'Salute'
    I salute these VEER GORKHA JAWANS
  • Yam Chand  |  'Gurkha VCs'
    Dear Raiji, Your list of VC winners is not complete without mentioning Sher Bahadur Thapa VC, 1/9 GR, who won this highest mMedal of Valour on Sep 18, 1944 posthumously. As I also served in this unit, I know that he was a unmarried soldier when he died fighting/killing Germans and carrying his injured colleagues. He was born in Ghalechhap, Tanahun, Nepal. He was a Thapa Chhetri (not a Magar), as 9 Gorkha Rifles is a pure Thakuri and Chhetri Regiment. I would like to request you to include his name in your list. Thanks
  • admin  |  'Gurkha VCs'
    Dear Yamji - thank you for your comment and my sincere apologies for the slow response (chutthima thiyo). You are of course absolutely correct that this list is incomplete without the inclusion of Sher Bahadur Thapa VC. Our reason for excluding him from the initial presentation was because we were unable to track down an image of him - which we have still not been able to do. I will endeavour to add him to the listing as soon as possible, with or without his portrait. Dhanyabad hajur.
  • admin  |  'Sher Bahadur Thapa VC added'
    Yamji - we have added Sher Bahadur Thapa VC's name. Unfortunately it appears that no photographs of him exist so we have used a silhouette of the 9GR soldier portrayed by the Gurkha Memorial statue in Whitehall. We will be adding more of the VC holders citations, including Sher Bahadur Thapa VC's, over the coming months. Dhanyabad hajur.
  • Bikram Thapa  |  'List of name of fallen soldiers'
    Hi The following website lists all those fallen soldiers of 1/9 GR. In the pic we see Thapa's mother. Can any one comment on her ethnicity from the traditional dress she is wearing. Bikram...
  • Rajesh Thapa  |  ' Lance Cpl Rambahadur Limbu VC, ex-10th PMO Gurkha'
    Dear Roshanji, Namaste. Reading about the acts of bravery displayed by the Gurkhas always makes me feel extremely proud as my great grandfather, grandfather and father (ex-2/6th QEO Gurkha Rifles) were also all Gurkha soldiers in the Indian British and British Army. Seeing LCpl Rambahadur Limbu VC's photo, I noticed that the date of VC awarded is incorrect. He was awarded the VC for his bravery on 21st November 1965 during the Borneo confrontation (reference not in 1944 as shown on this page. I am sure you will update this. Well done for such an informative and wonderful website. Keep up the good work. Best wishes.
  • admin  |  'Lance Cpl Rambahadur Limbu VC, ex-10th PMO '
    Rajeshji - many thanks for your kind feedback and for pointing out the date error for Lance Cpl Rambahadur Limbu's VC award. I have corrected the date to 1965 as you rightly suggest. Dhanyabad and best wishes hajur.
  • Rajesh Thapa  |  'LCpl Rambahadur Limbu VC, ex 10th PMO Gurkha Rifle'
    Wow! That was a very quick response. I am impressed by your speedy action. Dhanyabaad hajur. Best Wishes and a very Happy New Year 2011.
  • kanchha
    Is the battle honors of soldiers serving in indian gorkha regiments not seen worth praising or pounds are heavier than IC .i think bravery must be praised be it from india or britian.dhanyabad
  • admin  |  'Indian Gorkhas'
    Dear Kancha, Indian Gorkha regiments are of course as worthy of praise as their British Gurkha daju-bhaiharu. As explained on the home page of this site, the Ayo Gorkhali project was commissioned by Brecknock Museum and the Welsh Assembly (government) to celebrate the ties between the British Gurkhas and the UK, especially Wales. We have been aided by a network of organisations and individuals who generously shared their knowledge, recollections, photographs and time. Even with this support, the entire team at Believe Collective ( worked for many months for free in order to create this site. So, if you would like to see the Indian Gorkhas celebrated in a similar way, I would respectfully suggest that you begin to assemble the information required to do so. We would be honoured to showcase it here on the Ayo Gorkhali site. Dhanyabad.
  • Yam Chand  |  'High ranking Gorkha in Indian army.'
    Hi Kanchha, Hope you have gone through an article named "Save the Gorkhas". The following is from this article: Gorkha Generals of the Indian Army to the best of my knowledge. 1. Major General GS Rawat, 5th Gorkha Rifles, Retd, Nainital 2. Major General OS Bhandari, Param Vishist Seva Medal, Dharamshala. Due for promotion as Lt General but died in an air crash 3. Major General MS Karki, Engineers, Dehradun, retd Major General Basant Singh, AVSM, YSM, 2/1 Gorkha Rifles, Retd 31 Jan 2004, Dehradun 4. Major General NS Rana, Vishist Sena Medal, Sappers, retd. Dharamshala 5. Major General RS Pradhan, Para Regiment, Serving, Dehradun 6. Major General Shakti Gurung, Grenadiers, Serving, Dehradun This was the list compiled in 2008. I am sure there may be more high ranking officers Gorkhas. Besides Major Dhansingh Thapa was the only living person awarded PVC (equivalent to VC in Indian army). Jai Gorkha! Ayo Gorkhali!!
  • Poornima Thapa  |  'Query Regarding Gorkha Association in Dharamshala,'
    I am daughter of late Lt. Col Dhan Singh Thapa ( PVC ) and I very urgently require the contact no. of Mr. Ghanshyam Shah, President of Gorkha Associations in Kangra, H P. Thanking you in anticipation
  • Yam Chand  |  'President of Gorkha Association in Kangra'
    Hi Poornima, Ghanshyam Shah Newar is no more president of hiMachal gorkha assn. Now it is bhupinder gurung. Does you want to get in touch with ghanshyam shah newar or the president of HPGA. Rgards
  • Yam Chand  |  'President of Gorkha Assn in Kangra'
    Hi Poornima, Ghanshyam Shah Newar is no more president of hiMachal gorkha assn. Now it is bhupinder gurung. Do you want to get in touch with ghanshyam shah newar or the president of HPGA. Rgards Yam Chand
  • Poornima Thapa  |  'President of HPGA'
    Thank you very much for your response. Actually I was in touch with Mr. Ghanshyam Shah regarding my Father's pictures and he had been provided with a collage of my Father's days in his unit from the unit so I wanted to request him if a copy of the same could be provided to me also or the details of the provider so I could get in touch with them which I have not been able to. I would be highly obliged if I could provided the number of both Mr. Shah and Mr. Gurung. Thank you and Best Wishes Poornima Thapa
  • Rupak Gurung  |  'Lt. Gen Shakti Gurung'
    Dear all, Maj. General Shakti Gurung has been promoted to Lt. Gen of Gajraj corps in Tezpur Assam wef June 2011, its all a proud moment for we Gorkhas, also we hope and pray that all the officers would be elevated to the highest rank........... Jai Gorkha.
  • Yam Chand  |  'Lt. Gen. Shakti Gurung'
    Hi Rupak, Thank you for the update. It is really a proud moment for all Gorkhas. Maj. Gen. Omkar Singh Bhandari was promoted to that level, but unfortunately could not take charge due to his untimely death on a suspicious air-crash. Hearty Congratulation to Gen. Gurung! Jai Gorkha! Ayo Gorkhali!!
  • ram gopal gurung  |  'Long Live THE GORKHAS'
    HOPE we continue to create exemplary GORKHA COMMANDERS JAI GORAKH JAI HIND
    Umesh Kumar Gurung is expected to be another Gorkha origin Indian Army Commander as a Lt. Gen. after Lt. Gen. Shakti Gurung, who is at present GOC Military Operations at the AHQ. Maj. Gen. Umesh Gurung is at present Director General of Assam Rifles and recently awarded Ati Visisth Sewa Medal. Hopefully, he will be promoted to Lt. Gen. in a near future, to become the second Gorkha to get such high position in Indian Army. Jai Gorkha!
  • Ved  |  'God Rest And Peace His Soul......RIP' Gorkha Legendary the veterans of war......Rest in Peace.......Jai Gorkha....Proud to Be,,,,,
  • N. A. Mirza  |  'A query'
    My father has worked with Maj. M. S. Thapa in early forties in Jullundhar Cantt. as a hev. clerk or sepoy. He has been teaching his children around 1942. My fathers name was Mohammad Hussain. I just want to know if any of Maj. Thapa's Children are alive and can contact me on the given e-mail address
  • N. A. Mirza  |  'A query regarding Maj. M. S. Thapa of Gurkha Rifle'
    A reminder request to any member ofGurkha Association if he can trace for me Maj. Thapa's family and there whereabouts and inform me please on the given e-mail address. Thanks a lot.
  • Yam Chand  |  'Maj. MS Thapa, the first Commandant of EFR'
    Dear Mr. Mirza, I have requested Ms. Jyoti Thapa, who is a close niece to him, to shed some light about Maj. Thapa and his family members. In the meantime you may contact her on She is an Art Director in a famous media house in New Delhi. Jai Gorkha!
  • raj
    kindly include in your list MAJ Gen U K Gurung currently deployed in assam rifles as inspector general of assam rifles south(IGAR SOUTH)
  • N. A. Mirza  |  'Reply to Mr. R. B. Thapa'
    Thank you for the interest in my query. I cannot trace the full name of of M.S.Thapa. However one of his children was named as Preetam. This family lived in Laalkurti in Jullundar Cantt during WW2(1942).My father taught these children and they called him "Masterjee".During the early years of 70's Thapa's sons were High ranking officers in Indian Army.My elder brother late Tahir knew them well. Thats all I know about them.Thanks once again.
  • Rajni Chhetri  |  'Proud to be Nepali :-)'
    By seing such marvelous work done by our soldiers,without being concerned about their own safety.It really makes me proud to be Nepali (Gurkha). Its an illustration to our young youth. Even my Late Grandfather Dhanraj Chhetri was in Indian Navy and has lost his ear drum during the war with China (1962). He is my REAL HERO.. Love u Hajobaba....
  • Rajni Chhetri
    Kindly include Lieutenant Commander Dhanraj Chhetri name in your list,
  • Mr Sumal Kumar Gurung  |  'CONSPICUOUS GALLANTRY CROSS'
    Dear editor, Conspicuous Gallantry Cross is the 2nd highest gallantry award to be awarded to the British soldiers after Victoria Cross. One brave Gurkha soldier has earned this prestigious medal during 2010 while fighting with Talibans in Afghanistan. He had displayed his utmost courage and bravery in a rambo style to defeat dozens of enemies single handed. His name is Corporal Dip Prasad Pun of Royal Gurkha Rifles. Please include his name in the list if not listed.
  • Ved  |  'plse....yamji can you give the details of Eastern '
    Respect editor In Response of above text msg @ N. A. Mirza | 'A query' My father has worked with Maj. M. S. Thapa in early forties in Jullundhar Cantt. as a hev. clerk or sepoy. He has been teaching his children around 1942. My fathers name was Mohammad Hussain. I just want to know if any of Maj. Thapa's Children are alive and can contact me on the given e-mail address My Ancestors both from mom and dad sides Belongs 4rm that unit which still exist in Paschim medinipur,Kharagpur(west Bengal) india......this force completes his 106 anniversary its a forced name EFR Which means eastern frontier rifles of (WB) and this force pariticipate in WW I, WW II and indian wars below 1971 india-pakistan...So editor my place is very historical which not ruined yet Why still ????????? So please can you help me out to unreavled the history......and i can give you full details and Major MS Thapa was the commandant of this batallion in 1950's.....from Second gurkha rifles ...........thanks And I hope that you will appreciate me...... Thank you respected
  • Yam Chand  |  'EFR'
    I have forwarded my request to Maj. MS Thapa's niece about your request. Hopefully she will shed some light about him and this Force. As far as know he was the first Commandant of EFR. Thanks.
  • Naseer Mirza  |  'Maj Thapa's fam ily'
    Thanks a lot dear Yamchand. Maj Thapa's granddaughter has contacted me and I hope very much there will be more details from her about her family. A very big thank you for your interest.God bless you. Naseer Mirza
  • Mansoor Azam Minhas  |  'EFR & VCs'
    loving the comments and history .. good job admin, Bravo
  • khan  |  'want to get info'
    any body who knows about the regiment which was raised by brigadier general jhon jecob of british army , named (jecob's rifle)where and how it performs in china in 1900 against boxer rebellion . if any body knows plz mail me on my address which is mentioned above, i will great full .....
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