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  • krishna raj sedhai  |  'gorkhali'
    hame nepali sadai sovemane hunchau
  • archana  |  'bravest of brave, generous of generous ..yet defea'
    I am an Gurkha born and bought up in India. My family has and is serving in Indian army from generations. I have always felt proud as I review the history and culture of Gurkhalis but when I see the present times and think of future, prospects seems bleak. Once feared and respected as the brave hearted and always needed in wars and securities. It is sad to see how nations and government has failed our community. whether it is India or Britain we have been gone unrecognized and unrewarded. As I see the cry for equal pension and right of settlement in Britain. I see a hollow monarchy and failed nation that can erect memorials and museum for the dead but cannot provide dignity and equality for live people in there nation. Britain should be ashamed of its treatment to its Gurkhas soldiers and should not talk about Justice and Rights atleast in social platforms.
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