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  • Anonymous  |  'ayo gorkhali'
    respect to all the gurkha's who fought in world war's
  • R Rai  |  'Major Purne Rai,OBE'
    Please add a picture of Major Purne Rai,OBE only Gurkha to be awarded DSO.Many thanks.
  • admin  |  'Major Purne Rai, OBE'
    I afraid we do not have any pictures of Major Purne Rai OBE DSO, but if we are able to find one we will post it to the gallery. Dhanyabad.
  • Brat
    Photo 1 not a Sikh as Sikhs also keep beards. Maratha perhaps? Last photo says it all! Hats off to these brave Gurkha soldiers.
  • Brat
    Photo 1 not a Sikh as Sikhs also keep beards. A Maratha perhaps? Last photo says it all! Hats of to these brave Gurkha soldiers.
  • Rustam Kahn  |  'WWI & WWII British Indian Army'
    Lets not forget that the bulk of the British Indian Army and its 4 million volunteer army was Hindu and Muslim. Muslims formed the majority of the BIA in WWI whereas the Hindus formed the majority of the BIA in WWII.
  • Yam Chand  |  ' 'WWI & WWII British Indian Army''
    In BIA Hindus were far outnumbered by Muslim/Sikh/Gurkha combined. Due to their role in 1857 Sepoy Mutiny, British declared Gorkhas, Sikhs and various types of Muslims as "Martial-race"and stopped enlisting communities who fought against British and as a result Muslims formed more than 40%, Sikhs 13%, and Gurkhas 12%. Only remaining 35% were other Indians combined. This was one of the reasons why Gandhi/Nehru/Patel combined agreed division of India into 3 parts, as they couldn't contemplate ruling whole India with their minority soldiers in combined army, as there was a possibility of Coup-de-tat by army, which was later proven by Pak Army.
  • Yam Chand  |  'Photo Gallery.'
    I was surprised not to see any photo of 1/9 GR, winner of the only VC (Rfn. Sher Banadur Thapa, San Marino, Italy) in European theater in WWII. Sher Bahadur Thapa is the lone winner in Europe, posthumously.
  • satyam rai
    One of the brave gorkhali!!!
  • Arjun  |  'Gorkha is my heart. I love gorkha '
    Sher bahadur is a greatest person in nepali museum.one salute of our gorkha who was dead in world war.
  • sunod thapa  |  'secondwar2'
    we'd be thankful if you put photos of great nepali soldiers during war 1 and 2
  • Reewaj Chhetri  |  'Biography'
    W'ed be very helpful if anybody can provide me the Biography of Sher, Bahadur Thapa VICTORIA CROSS (VC)Many Thanks.. Jai Gorkha
  • bishnu budhathoki magar  |  'royal gorkhas'
    gorkhas love his gorkhaland ands his mother
  • bikash thapa chhetri  |  'gorkhali iss a sons of nepal who never know to los'
    in both world war nepali gorkhas has played a very bravery role ...........who had gorkhas they onl can win the battle ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so adolf hitler sayas if i had a goekhas i can win this world war
  • Sulvarine  |  'Inquiry'
    I was wondering if I could use some of your pictures for my up coming book about Gurkhas in the war of Italy and Burma ... please respond ASAP ... dhanyabad
  • Yam Chand  |  'Photo #1.'
    Photo #1, mustached Gurkha, seems to be from 1/9 GR the only battalion awarded V.C. in WWII, in European theater, Rfn. Sherbahadur Thapa (Post.). He was born in Ghalechaap, then Tanahu Dist. of Nepal. As he was single when he got martyrdom, very little information about him is available, in the unit, where I also served. In my opinion some info may be available in British War Museum. FYI 9 GR is the only regiment enlisting total Hindu castes like Thakurus/Chhetris, having Aryan looks. Jay Gorkha/Ayo Gorkhali.
  • Karuna Gurung  |  'Please Guide.....'
    Hello,Would like to know if I can get any help on this…as my Grand father SUB.DAN SINGH GURUNG (JC 15364 ) from 2/ 4 GR fought on behalf of INDIAN ARMY in WW2 in Italy,German,South Africa & Libya (1941-1945 returned back safely ) However have not seen his contribution details in any of the world war sites of Gorkhas.Just wanted to share his entire journey during WW2...Regards'Karuna Gurung Bakloh ( Himachal Pradesh )
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