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  • Pritam Rai  |  'GURKHAS'
    Well its proud to be gorkha soldier... We are the bravest of the brave.. I salute all gurkha Soldiers who sacrifice their life for somewho trust brave GURKHA..... Your's Sincerly- No- 9424923L Ex RFN- Pritam Rai 6/11 Gorkha Rifles.. INDIA
  • AMOUS RAI  |  'salut u '
    A face contorted with willpower and strength, a warrior honorable, courageous, loyal and wise. He is a symbol of these qualities in war and peace. His fierceness is as legendary as his loyalty to the British Monarch and his regimental history is packed with acts of unbelievable bravery and sacrifice. The love of his mountains homeland and his family is deep and keeps luring him back after the call of duty. He is the unconquerable Gurkha soldier and a legend in his own right. we salut u
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