'Ayo Gorkhali!' is a non-profit, educational project developed by a small, dedicated team from the Believe Collective, a London-based new media production company. The project's Producer, Roshan Rai, is the son and grandson of British Gurkhas - Major (retired) Maniprasad Rai and the late Captain (Hon.) Dalbahadur Rai, who both served in the 7th Gurkha Rifles.

'Ayo Gorkhali!' is a celebration of the history and achievements of the British Gurkhas that we hope will make Nepali (Nepalese) and Gorkhali (Gurkha) history more accessible, especially for young Nepalis growing up outside of Nepal. We also hope it will help to foster understanding between communities by highlighting the rich heritage that the Gurkhas and the people of Nepal and the United Kingdom share between them. Our project takes its name from the Gurkha battle cry, ‘Jai Mahakali, Ayo Gorkhali!’ (‘Victory to goddess Mahakali, the Gurkhas are here!').

The launch of this site, alongside our on-going Nepal-UK schools online exchange project, marks the second phase of Ayo Gorkhali, which began in 2008 as a (Welsh-Nepali) community engagement and educational exhibition project in the town of Brecon, in the heart of the Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales.

Both the original Ayo Gorkhali! exhibition and this site were commissioned by Brecknock Museum and Art Gallery in Brecon and funded by 'Inspiring Learning for All' grants from CyMAL (Museums Archives and Libraries Wales), courtesy of the Welsh Assembly. Neither the original exhibition nor the development of this site would have been possible without the generous support of the Gurkha Museum Winchester, who allowed the team access to their unique collection of objects and also their extensive photographic archives. We are also extremely grateful to the MOD, Headquarters Brigade of Gurkhas (HQBG) and Gurkha Company (Mandalay); the people (Welsh, Nepali and English) and schools of Brecon; members of the Gurkha communities in the UK and Nepal and the kind support of our international network of photographers. To all of you we say a heart-felt dhanyabad, diolch and thank you.

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The Timeline

the Ayo Gorkhali Timeline

The narrative of the Ayo Gorkhali interactive Timeline spans 2,800 years of Nepali and Gorkhali history. We have packed in as many online references, little-known facts and surprising revelations as we can. We sincerely hope you enjoy exploring it.

The Timeline has been written with the input and kind support of Tony Gould, author of 'Imperial Warriors, Britain and the Gurkhas', and Major Gerald Davies, Curator of the Gurkha Museum Winchester. We are aware that there are many omissions and no doubt also many inaccuracies. These are soley our responsibility and are in no way any reflection on the input given by any of our contributors or sponsors.

The AG Timeline, like the rest of the site, has been designed to be extremley flexible and to allow us to respond to your suggestions and criticisms. So please tell us what you think should be in the Timeline - and the rest of the site - and we will do our best to add or edit its contents.

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Coming Soon...

We have alot more excellent content to add to the site, not least our Homeland section, image Galleries and exclusive video content. So please sign up for our Newsletter, or join us on Facebook and Twitter, to keep up with the latest developments on AyoGorkhali.org.

Dhanyabad - Diolch - Thank you,

Roshan Rai
Producer & Director
Believe Collective

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Comments (10)
  • Dhruba  |  'Freedom parade'
    It is excellent work. Please keep up good work.
  • Annie Watsham  |  'Ayo Gorkhali website'
    Fantastic website - I am passionate about the Gurkhas (the'mystery' woman who suggested that Joanna Lumley should get involved with the Gurkha Justice Campaign!) ]and am thrilled to see a site dedicated to these amazing people and their history and culture. I very muuch look forward to reading more and more. Thank you!
  • Gurkhe Sailo " Idoman"  |  'Good job.'
    Being a source countryman of honest and brave Gurkhas, I personally believedthat Britain is beginning to recognize Gurkhas as their equal partners and offering chances to remain as their countryman gradually. We also hope, Gurkha servicemen and British Government will manage supports to nurture their roots in Nepal with neccessary funds and developments. This webage is good plateform to exchange basic information of Gurkhas to interested individual. I am looking foward your successful works done ahead.
  • Annie Watsham  |  'Let's keep the ball rolling'
    Let's keep the momentum up with the Gurkha's rights paramount in our minds. These are people who are proud to be who they are, proud of what they have done and are doing. They want nothing for nothing, only what they are due. Keep up the pressure for what is right, and above all, UNITE in one common aim.
  • R Rai  |  'Excellent job'
    Very interesting,informative and credible website.Please keep it up. Thank you very much.
  • santosh thapa  |  'good job'
    i am proud to be an gorkhali......jai durga aio gorkha...
  • Bom Thapa Magar  |  'under the pile of dead soldier,'
    A story of a wounded soldier Mohan Thapa a gorkha soldier from Bharse VDC of Gulmi district of Nepal fought in the first world war in Europe. In a deadly balltle field post, his all comrades were toppled with explosive firing from their enemies but he was wounded and burried with his dead comrades. On late hour of the war, his company comrade came and identify the dead body one by one. Meanwhile, he made sound save... save... and save from pile of inner side of dead body. They clean the all funeral and at the last he was pulled out and saved. He was wounded.
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  • Paras  |  'Is it fair, by the way?'
    While everyone is revelling in a few number of medals and some honours for the uncountable lives lost, the Gurkhas tradition needs a serious thought at modern times: not only by Nepalese at large, but also by the Indians and British stakeholders. In this modern world I do not think it's plausible to hire young men of one sovereign country by another for the latter's own interest and cause. It truly seems to be 'mercenary' style recruitment, if one ponders deeply inside. Of course, it's good for the young men of a poor country for financial gains where finding jobs is hard, but we should ask question now whether it is fair by any means to fight a battle and lose life for the sake of another country? The tradition of recruiting poor Nepalese gullible young men to fight the war which their own country has nothing to do with should be assessed seriously. Just being proud for killing others on behalf of another country is really absurd at modern times. And, so much so, while they spend most of their military lives at the frontline, and have lost a significant numbers, the pay and perks are nowhere to be satisfactory on a par with their counterparts. It is a real discrimination, if one has to speak the mind, by the British and Indian governments. It's high time we all should be aware of this 'wrong tradition', instead of singing the song of pride.
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